Best in Show

Highlands Space Ranger, #1 Lab in USA, 1995


Since 1976, Highland Kennel has had a long history of breeding top quality Labrador Retrievers. 

While our in-house breeding program has ended, puppies may still be available from some of our co-owned dogs or puppies being produced out of Highland Bloodlines by some of our closest friends. It never ceases to amaze us when we get a call or an email telling us how much joy a Highland dog has brought to a deserving family.

In 18 years, Highland produced a number one show Labrador nine times.

Many of our dogs have been hunted with. Some where field trial champions. Others where Seeing Eye Dogs for the Blind or Bomb and Narcotic dogs for the first responders that help to keep us safe.

While Lillian was home raising and caring for puppies, George was off to the dog shows and bringing home championships. A true family effort. A labor of love and it showed!

We hope you enjoy a look at this part of the Highland legacy.

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